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This game took me a long time to collect all the shells. I have collected 98 shells, but I couldn't find anymore shells so I didn't get the passowrd at the end ;-;

Eventhough I couldn't find all the shells, I still had fun playing this game!

Also, I love the main menu song ;)

This has been so much fun! I love the style and all the details of this game...however, I can't seem to find a way to talk to this girl, is she holding a shell? anyway, this is soo awesome!

I had fun completing this game and recieving the secret price! It was so cute and atmospheric and just an overal great little runthrough. 

I love this game! Loved the art & music especially. Nice gameplay too.

Great game! I love the cute pixels and aestheticcc....

I found a weird thing here:

There were multiple places (i think like 3?) where the player can 'climb down.' Not sure if that was intentional! As you can tell by my shell count, I found the secret password! What a super cute short game!

Hi! This game is really nice and cute so far, I love how many things you can do in it and how many places you can visit. I'm genuinely amazed by how much effort and love you put into this game!

But I'm not being able to complete the game because I'm kind of stuck in two parts. Do you think you could help me? I don't know how to get to this area.

I did try... I think every path available and no path seems to allow me to get there...

Also how can I get this seashell?

Getting to those areas require getting some boots that allow you to walk in water, to get them, you gotta trade around some stuff with a person you can find in the mountain area.

I'm really glad you're enjoying it and I hope you can complete it!

I just finished the game and AAAA oh my God, it was so cute and wholesome! Gained a special spot on my list of favorite games! And I can't stop listening to the "Thank You For Playing" background music, this SLAPS!

this looks great! can't wait to find the password ~


Thank you! I hope you can get it!!