Click into the game window to be able to control things.
[Z] or [ENTER] - Interact
[X] - Cancel
Arrow Keys - Movement

Made for a two person game jam with Straydogdev, Kyren! Our theme was outnumbered/two of the same. I made a short puzzle game about using your blood to make copies of yourself. Kyren made a game caled "deux" and it's about robots.

Additional builds available for download for Windows, Mac, and Linux available for offline play!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(65 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
Tagsroses, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few minutes


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i really liked this! a short puzzle game with really short but engaging mazes and beautiful colors! thank you for making this! <3


Very good for a short play. I love your mazes and puzzles!


Um, I'm at the part where she is bleeding from her shoe and I'm stuck? There a re places I can't go, and I'm trapped. Other than not being able to play, it could be a good game.


I really loved playing this game. I kept trying to get a different ending even though I didn't know if there would be another ending. I'm not sure if getting stuck was a glitch or a part of the game. Other than that I enjoyed everything else about it.

What an eerie little world! I love the colours, the sound, and the puzzles. Great game.

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I love love the color pallet + design! Great job in creating atmosphere and spookyness with the art!


I loved this little pixel horror so much I drew you some fanart! I hope you enjoy it!

This makes me incredibly happy and this drawing is super great!!! thank you so much!!!!

great sound design

This was a fun little puzzle game. I really liked the concept, and the immediate world building just from this one game :D

That was awesome! Very fun, it had me sucked in the whole time. This could make a great full game!

super interesting storyline!! i love the concept too, this is absolutely a great game!! (^o^)/

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the story was really intriguing and i loved the vibe and the colors! nice nice nice job! 🌹

Roses & Heart is a cute little puzzle game where you play as, a girl working in a greenhouse. Something seems off so as the girl you have to go and, control rose plant people to make your way to the exit!

oh i absolutely loved it!!! compressed the weird feeling generated by miscellaneous horror rpg maker games you find on the web into a tiny little package masterfully. i liked the color pallet too. the music was slightly loud but did a lot for the ambiance, and honestly i can probably chalk the loudness up to my own bad volume settings

This was a really unique game. I will say it invoked some emotions of an eerie nature, but nothing terribly dark. I found the game had some key RPG elements from an experienced mind, at the very least I could tell the incorporation between action and story was really well developed. I could honestly see this as a collection of short games centered around a light-nature of monsters/ the unusual. I was kept inside the game specifically by the atmosphere, the color scheme and music was definitely characteristic to its own. The end? is a great old Easter egg to the old genre of technology, gaming, and movies, absolutely wonderful. I enjoy seeing these games on the indie scene because they remind us of the talent and ability of everyone out there. Keep up the good work, truly an excellent job!


Quick creepy game. Really liked the mix of gameplay. Keep it up.


The music really contributed to the atmosphere. Really nice little game, I enjoyed it thoroughly :)